Stolen Dog Reunites With His Family 11 Years Later

Stolen Dog Reunites With His Family 11 Years Later

If you have ever lost your dog, even for a brief moment, you probably know how painful it is to live with the fear that you may not find them again.

Marzena, a woman in Boston, lost her Yorkshire Terrier after someone stole him 11 years ago. An Animal Control Officer (ACO) at the Stoughton Police Department, Michelle Carlos, was interested in the case and refused to give up on finding the dog. Luckily, she found the dog recently loose on the street.

According to the report the Stoughton Police Department shared on Facebook, Carlos responded to a call regarding a loose Yorkie that was running on Record Street. The dog was in bad shape when Carlos came to pick him up. So, she bathed and fed him. When Carlos checked the Yorkie’s microchip, she discovered it was Rex, Marzena’s dog, that went missing several years ago.

Marzena got Rex when her brother died to console her. Unfortunately, the dog went outside one day, and someone grabbed him. Despite her best efforts to find him, none yield a fruitful result.

Rex was reunited with Marzena, and the reunion came at a time when she needed comfort the most as her other brother passed away recently. Marzena is grateful for the dog’s return.

Image Credit: YouTube

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