Stray Dog Seeks Love & Finds More At Philippines’ Mall

Stray Dog Seeks Love & Finds More At Philippines’ Mall

A stray dog snuck in and found himself a strategic spot to lie down and seek people’s attention inside a mall in the Philippines.

One mall goer named, Jan Mart Calimpong, found it an unusual sight so he decided to take a video footage of the unexpected visitor to share online. The footage showed mall security guards gathered around the pup after being alerted of his presence.

Jan Mart Calimpong

Instead of driving the stray dog away, one of the guards approached and gave the furry intruder a few scratches much to the latter’s enjoyment, who rolled on his back to welcome the rubs. After giving the pup what he wanted, the guard, then, took his front paws and gently escorted him out of the premises.

It turned out that the mall management, who observed how comfortable the dog was inside the mall, decided to adopt him as part of their security force, giving him the name, Dogdog.

“We are continuously building a culture of inclusiveness where humans and animals, like Dogdog, come together and help each other,” the mall management said.

Now, mall visitors get to see and pet Dogdog who has already become a permanent sight in the building. One security guard’s act of compassion for a lonely stray dog turned out to be a positive impetus to the mall management, mall goers, and especially for Dogdog.

Being a dog-lover, himself, Calimpong could not be happier with this turn of events.

Feature Image Source: Jan Mart Calimpong

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