Stray Pup Spots A "Petting Machine" So She Visits It Every Single Day For Pets!

Stray Pup Spots A "Petting Machine" So She Visits It Every Single Day For Pets!

Pups deserve to get all the pets and affection they want! But sadly, for strays, that love can be hard to find. Linda the German shepherd mix pup from Izmir, Turkey, is one of those strays, but luckily, she’s found a way to fulfill her love of back rubs!

Linda is a frequent patron of an automatic car wash local to where she hangs out. She doesn’t have a car to wash, but what she does have whenever she visits that car wash are giant, fluffy rotating brushes at her disposal! Whenever a car goes in to be washed, Linda – who waits patiently until someone drives through the car wash – trots up to the machinery. She watches as the vehicle in question is covered in soap and scrubbed clean by three big rollers, avoiding any soap splashes.

Then, as the car passes through and slowly moves forward, Linda rushes in and stands beneath the roller brushes. She stands straight and adjusts herself so that the brushes descend right over the right spot on her back and spin around as they go, giving her the perfect back massage! She loves the pets so much that she gives everyone a big goofy grin and starts to kick her leg happily!

Twitter user @clintfalin took a video of this when it happened, and Linda has skyrocketed into viral fame! Her new fans are a little worried for her, though, as she is a stray out on the streets.

Luckily, there’s no need to worry – Linda has a ring in one of her ears that shows she has been spayed by a shelter and released. On top of that, Linda is pretty well-known where she lives, and many people love and care for her – so she’s in good hands with them, and with the car wash rollers.

Images, Video & Feature Image Source: clintfalin

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