Stray Pup Who Made A Bed Out Of Snow Wouldn't Stop Crying Until Help Arrived

Stray Pup Who Made A Bed Out Of Snow Wouldn't Stop Crying Until Help Arrived

The Stray Rescue of St. Louis rushed to the scene when they received reports of a skinny stray pup all alone in the snow. He had made himself a makeshift bed out of snow and was shivering and whining away as he lay curled as tightly as possible.

The rescue group’s search team hurried out to find the pup, and they soon spotted him. His eyes were wide when he realized there were humans near him, and he cried and cried in the most heartbreaking way. He was visibly exhausted and looked incredibly frail.

The poor pup, who the rescuers dubbed Weezer, seemed to be calling for help. It was a heart-wrenching scene. Luckily, the rescuers had arrived not a moment too soon. They bundled him up and hurried him to their trauma center.

At first, the pup was shivering in fear, but after a short while in a soft, warm bed, he relaxed enough for a vet to gently kiss his nose. Now that he was calmer, an examination began.

The pup didn’t have a microchip, but a bad wound beneath one of his arms suggested he had been forced to wear a type of too-tight harness for most of his life before presumably being dumped.

Weezer was able to enjoy a bed for the first time in a long time that day. Meanwhile, staff were able to find him a foster home. It wasn’t long before Weezer befriended his foster mom, and now he’s a big fan of cuddling!

He even enjoys burrowing beneath pillows and blankets – items he so sorely wanted before.

Weezer is on the road to recovery, and soon, he’ll be available for adoption. If you’d like to give this pup a forever home, inquire with the rescue group here.

Images & Feature Image Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

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