Super Excited Pups Refused To Just Relax In Bed!

Super Excited Pups Refused To Just Relax In Bed!

Have you ever heard the expression about herding cats? If you have cats, you know that trying to get them to come or go when you want them to is just about impossible!

So, if you hear someone say it was like trying to herd cats – it means whatever they were doing wasn’t easy (at all)! In this video, we have a situation that is probably very similar to trying to round cats – the woman in the video is trying to get beagle puppies to stay in their bed.

But, they are puppies, and they are awake, so that isn’t happening at all! She no sooner gets one in the bed when another one has gotten out! She is going to need some help! One thing is for sure, the puppies are having a blast, and they will sleep well later – so will the poor woman running around trying to catch them!

Feature Image Source:Mike Stewart

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