Super Fluffy German Shepherd Is Busy Finding His Toy!

Super Fluffy German Shepherd Is Busy Finding His Toy!

Everyone meet Odin, an adorable German shepherd pup who was playing with his toys in the snow outside with his daddy, but all of a sudden, one of his toy disappeared. Can you help find it?

According to the original uploader on YouTube, “Odin looking for a ring that is round his neck!” Yep that ring is around his neck and he doesn’t even know it! So here he goes running around the backyard, trying to find his other toy ring, but he can’t see it anywhere.

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As you can see this fur ball is playing in the snow therefore care is required. According to CesarsWay, “Winter can be brutal on our dog’s paw pads. Exposed to the elements and toxic chemicals, the paw pads are at risk for drying, cracking, trauma, frostbite and chemical burns.” Yep so always be careful! Now take a look at this fur ball on page 2 below!

Page 2 Here!

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Feature Image Source: Conor Lee

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