Super Fluffy German Shepherd Pup Starts Singing Like A Star!

Super Fluffy German Shepherd Pup Starts Singing Like A Star!

Everyone meet Rossi, an adorable German shepherd pup who decided that she’s going to wait for the right moment to start singing with the music in the house! The moment is right, now watch the fur ball!

Rossi the fur ball isn’t the only one who howls with the music, in fact most pet parents say that their fur balls howl when they hear music of any sort of high pitched sound. Do you know why? It’s pretty simple its because it runs in their blood!

According to TheNest, “Dog howling has a high-pitched and almost piercing quality to it. A lot of music also shares that quality, specifically pieces that involve pianos, saxophones and clarinets. High female singing can also encourage doggie howling. If your dog howls when he hears music with any of these elements, it may be because he — mistakenly — thinks that he is hearing another dog somewhere off in the distance calling out to him, and is attempting to acknowledge the communication by answering back loudly.” Now take a look at Rossi on page 2 below!

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Feature Image Source: Tracey Mitchell

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