Sweet Dog Helps His Brother Overcome The Fear Of Walking Through Doorway

Sweet Dog Helps His Brother Overcome The Fear Of Walking Through Doorway

The amazing thing about Remy and Clark’s relationship is that the two dogs have completely conflicting personalities. Clark is outgoing and fearless while Remy is an introvert who gets intimidated and anxious about a lot of things.

But that has not stopped them from being best friends. Both dogs live with their dog mom, Jessica Grider and they are inseparable. Recently, the family moved to a new home and as to be expected, Remy was not very enthused to be in a new environment. For some reason, he couldn’t bring himself to cross a certain doorway in the house.

“The floors look the same, but one is actually slicker than the other,” Grider says. “The transition between the two made him nervous.”

Jessica tried to coax Remy to cross the doorway but it didn’t work. Luck for Remy he had Clark. In a video captured by Jessica and posted on Reddit, Clark is seen to entice Remy into joining him in the other room using a bone-shaped toy. Unable to resist the urge to play, Remy forgets about his fears and follows his best friend past the doorway.

Pup is scared to walk through the doorway, so his brother shows him it’s okay. from r/AnimalsBeingBros

Jessica admitted that it was not the first time that Clark had come through for Remy when his best friend needed him.

“I think Remy appreciates having a friend around to help him out. Love that having Clark around helps to ease Remy’s anxiety.” Grider said.

Just goes on to show the importance of having a friend that truly gets you. Right?

Feature Image Source: Jessica Grider

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