How To Teach A Dog To Use The Stairs

How To Teach A Dog To Use The Stairs

Pet steps or stairs can be very useful to help a dog get onto or off of higher pieces of furniture that he or she is allowed on. For older dogs, pups with joint problems, or those who are too small to get up on their own, they can be quite a blessing! But not all pups naturally know how to use the steps, and you may have to train your pup to use them correctly. Here’s how!

Start by placing the stairs in one of the spots it would be used for. Place a treat on the bottom-most step, and work your way up the steps and onto the surface that your pup will eventually reach. The secret, really, is a lot of treats! Reward even the tiniest efforts from your dog with more treats. Praise your dog regularly, too, and use your happy, high-pitched voice to further encourage them.

It’s also important to go slow and steady. Never rush your pup or try to make them learn faster. Instead, work within your pup’s comfort zone and be patient. Some pups may adjust to the steps very quickly, while others may need a lot of time to get used to them. Whatever the case, keep working at a slow but steady pace to build their confidence, starting over from the bottom step as often as you need to.

Don’t forget to take breaks in between and switch up the training by adding in commands like “sit”, “lie down”, or other commands they already know to the mix. Make the learning experience a positive one as much as possible, and before too long, your pup will be running up and down those steps like there’s no tomorrow!

If you’re looking for some great steps for your pup to use, then these are great ones! They can provide your pup with the boost they need to get onto that platform or surface. Remember, patience and treats are what will help your dog learn to use the steps the way they’re meant to be used. Do like and share these tips if you found them useful!

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