Telling The Difference Between A Puppy Mill And A Responsible Breeder

Telling The Difference Between A Puppy Mill And A Responsible Breeder

Puppy mills and illegal breeding stations are a form of animal cruelty. They focus on breeding and usually do not care for the welfare of the fur balls in the mill.

With that being said, there are legitimate breeders who properly look after their pups. So it’s important to know more about puppy mills in case you have reasons to suspect you’ve seen one.

In general, illegal breeding stations are run for the purpose of profit, not quality or standards, and those running the stations do not care for their pups. This means that fur balls do not receive even basic veterinary care, and there is no regard for their cleanliness, environment, nutrition, or physical health. Most pups will spend their whole lives in cramped cages.

Pups in a puppy mill can often be killed without thought. A female pup who can no longer be bred may be killed, as well as any puppies who are born with obvious birth defects. It’s not uncommon, though, for puppies from these mills to have infections from lack of vaccinations and exposure to unclean conditions, and may have genetic disorders that are common to their breed.

So how can you stop puppy mills? Stop buying fur balls from pet shops, online, or at swap meets – pup breeders who are genuine will not sell to stores. Instead, adopt a fur ball companion. If you do feel the need to use a breeder, find one who will allow you to visit their station and observe the way the pups are treated, and remember that pedigree papers are not suitable proof on their own.

If you see animal cruelty in action, call 911. If you suspect animal cruelty is taking place, contact a local animal welfare agency or control department. Keep a record of any proof that you have overheard or seen, and try to note down details like names, addresses; take pictures or videos if you can stay safe while doing so.

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