Terrified Dog Rescued From Meat Farm Experiences Love For The First Time

Terrified Dog Rescued From Meat Farm Experiences Love For The First Time

About 70 billion animals are killed for food every year, but this doesn’t even shock most people as most of them are “farm animals”, whose deaths have been normalized.

But in some places, people kill animals that are considered “pets” for food. At a certain point in time, eating cats and dogs wasn’t that uncommon, but the trend has started to decrease. But that doesn’t mean that some people don’t still view them as just food.

The Humane Society International is trying to combat the dog meat trade. The organization has rescuers in China, South Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam. They work with dog farmers to help them create new streams of income, so they’ll be able to close the farms down for good.

They are also working towards putting an end to illegal practices, like kidnapping dogs just to use them for meat. Most dogs are kept in small cages or cramped spaces, in rooms that are generally very dirty, and they are just maltreated before getting killed for their meat.

Jennie would have probably had to live in a cramped, inhumane space in the back of a truck and suffer death at the hands of butchers from a South Korean farm if rescuers hadn’t stepped in to save her. Fortunately, HSI got to her in time and managed to free her.

They took her back to the shelter and took care of them. Jennie is now living her best life in a safe and loving environment, and she will never be at risk of getting trafficked for her meat.

Images Credit: Humane Society International

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