Terrified Pup Injured On Train Tracks Gets Rescued Just In Time

Terrified Pup Injured On Train Tracks Gets Rescued Just In Time

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix named Hulk was spotted limping, likely due to an accident with a car or train, near train tracks in Los Angeles. A group of Good Samaritans noticed him and immediately started trying to find ways to help him.

Luckily, Hope for Paws responded to the call and quickly rushed to the scene. They were able to talk to the sheriff of the area, and told him they needed the trains to stop running until they were able to rescue the pup – or else there could be a much more fatal accident in store!

The founder of the organization, Eldad Hagar, tried to approach the terrified pup, but the dog was so scared that he immediately ran away. The group of people who had found Hulk earlier stood by, holding a net to prevent the pup from running away, but in his fear, Hulk was able to get past them anyway.

Thankfully, Hulk’s injuries meant he tired more easily, and rescuer Loreta Frankonyte was able to secure him on a leash. They then sat down to allow Hulk to get used to them, and he began to warm up almost instantly, enjoying the attention and affection he likely hadn’t had for a long time.

Hulk was brought to the vet, where it was revealed that he had a bad shoulder wound, several fractured teeth, and a broken jaw, and he’d need a lot of surgeries to heal. But with a little tender loving care and some rest, he was already looking much better, and ready to face medical procedures ahead.

Hulk healed up very well and, thanks to Paw Prints in the Sand, has now found a foster home! He’s eagerly awaiting adoption and his forever home. If you’d like to take the pup in, contact Paw Prints in the Sand here!

Images & Feature Image Source: Hope for Paws

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