Terrified Pup Rescued From Nightmare House Is Now Living The Life Of Her Dreams

Terrified Pup Rescued From Nightmare House Is Now Living The Life Of Her Dreams

Inside a large, opulent-looking mansion in New Hampshire, a dark secret was being hidden. The owner of the mansion was running a commercial puppy mill and severely neglecting the pups within.

A grand total of a shocking 84 Great Dane dogs were inside the home. They were either stuffed into small cages or allowed to run wherever they wanted along the filthy mansion’s interior, which was coated in waste from the pups in question. Scattered raw chicken served as their only food, and no water seemed to be available for them to drink.

According to the rescue team of the Humane Society of the United States that gained access to the mansion, when they first entered in the June of 2017, the stench was so overwhelming that eyes were tearing up. The dogs were in awful shape and looked depressed.

One of the rescuers on the scene, Morgan, recalls how two of the Great Danes were locked up in the homeowner’s bedroom, which was completely covered in feces. One of the pups was Wanda. Though frightened, she was clearly friendly and social. After a short while, she was warm to the rescuers and demanded affection!

All 84 pups were relocated to New England, and the pups wound up staying in an undisclosed facility for a huge 14 months while HSUS fought for legal custody of the dogs. Morgan helped to care for them, and it wasn’t long before she started really loving Wanda, and Wanda obviously liked her, too! The pup was always watching Morgan. The other volunteers insisted that Wanda had chosen Morgan as her Mom!

Morgan wasn’t too sure. Her husband was scheduled for a liver transplant and would need a lot of care as he recovered, including in-home caretakers. But Morgan couldn’t shake thoughts of Wanda from her, and she knew that Wanda would be social, friendly, and sweet through all the pressure – and she would fit in with Morgan’s two pups and her cats.

Once HSUS gained custody of the Great Danes, Morgan went ahead and adopted Wanda. It was the best decision she feels she has ever made. The pup is always following her Mom around, squeezing herself onto the same chair as Morgan and sleeping with her head on her chest. She has also been very loving and watchful over Morgan’s husband as he recovers from the transplant.

Morgan has never believed in soul mates, but she’s pretty sure that if they were real, Wanda would be hers! The pup is doing so much better now in a family that loves her, and she couldn’t be happier.

Images & Feature Image Source: Humane Society of the United States

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