Terrified Pup Stuck In The Sewer Gets Finally Freed After Five Days

Terrified Pup Stuck In The Sewer Gets Finally Freed After Five Days

On the 12th of July, Lulu the beagle and terrier mix found herself in a bad predicament. She went missing from her family four days prior, when she’d managed to escape. She got into an open drain and tried to leave it through a very narrow opening and wound up getting stuck just 50 meters into it.

The pup began to whine and cry, terrified. For four days, residents became concerned and tried to look for the source of her whimpering, but they couldn’t locate her. When they finally did, the pup was starving, dehydrated, and very dirty. Her head was poking out of a pipe and residents had to try to break through the pipe to let her free.

The terrified pup was yelping in fright and lashing out to bite her rescuers in her terror. They had no choice but to hold her mouth shut to stop her from biting and ingesting the stones and dirt that fell around her as they worked, and they strapped a lead to her collar so they could hold her away from the heavy hammering.

When the pup finally emerged, she was able to go straight home! Her family has learned from this and will make sure she’s always on a lead when outside from now on. Meanwhile, Lulu has recovered well and is doing much better!

Feature Image Source: Caters_News

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