The Beautiful Video Diary Of 8 Dachshund Puppies First Week!

The Beautiful Video Diary Of 8 Dachshund Puppies First Week!

A dachshund puppy may not remember its first week but mom and dad, as well its humans, will remember it clearly. Just ask Huntley and Tilley about their beautiful babies’ first week and they will tell you the whole wonderful story.

Their human says, “Hi, here is a little video diary I put together of our first week with our lovely little Standard Wire Haired Dachshund puppies. Tilley had eight puppies over the 21-22nd January 2013. I am posting this today for their 1st (week) Birthday! 🙂 They are getting stronger and bigger everyday and more adorable by the minute. Already you can see their individual characters and personalities shining through. Things to note this week was the first wagging of tails, starting on day 5/6. I am hoping to chart their growth and development in a few more video and picture diarys, with luck posting a new one every week or so, up until the sad day when they have to leave us for their loving forever homes”

When Huntley and Tilley met, it was love at first sight. Then they became parents to a good sized litter of 8. Now they are more than happy to share their love with these little babies as well.

Seeing them all together is a cuteness feast and will make you go awwww. Your day will be way better for it!

Watch the video below to see the adorable diary!

Feature Image Source: Songsfromthesea

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