The Dog Whose Ball Became a Snowman’s Head!

The Dog Whose Ball Became a Snowman’s Head!

Cub and his human sister are great friends. Hence, they had an absolute ball when it snowed and they were able to go out and play in it.

According to his mum Alisa Longnecker, Cub was particularly thrilled because it was his first experience with snow. Endowed with boundless energy, he loves to play ball in the outdoors.

Therefore it was when Cub and his sister were in the midst of a ball game when she decided to build a snowman. In addition, she had the brilliant idea of using the ball as the head.

This left Cub bewildered. Longnecker says:

‘’When she took the ball to ‘make’ the head, he stood close patiently waiting for her to kick it,”

Cub desperately wanted to continue to play ball, hence he waited for his moment. When his sister was distracted, he knocked the ball off. Thereafter, he made attempts to appease his sister by involving her in the ball game once again, as if to show that playing ball a better use of the ball.

Longnecker says ultimately it was the father who saved the day by helping Cub’s sister mold another head to replace the one that was knocked off.

Hence, overall, it was a win-win situation for everyone; Cub maintained his ball and his sister got her snowman.

Feature Image Source: Alisa Longnecker

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