The Doggy Detective That Helped The Police Crack Open The Case

The Doggy Detective That Helped The Police Crack Open The Case

We’re already used to police K-9s, but those dogs receive extensive training before going into the field and are under the care of a designated handler. This dog, on the other hand, was a natural and helped police in Brazil crack open a very important case.

The police in Brazil performed a sting operation where they conducted a raid on the home of some suspected drug traffickers. While there, they encountered a dog who was the key to uncovering damning evidence.

The Mato Gross Federal Police shared exclusive footage of the exact moment the dog made the revelation. He was housemates with the suspects and he began to paw at a spot outside the house. Naturally, this drew the attention of the cops who wondered what the dog was trying to tell them. They decided to look deeper and there they uncovered a buried package of drug tablets.

The police also uncovered a slew of weapons and a large amount of cash. They had what they needed to land the charges so they arrested the occupants of the premises. Now that the occupants were gone, the dog would be left all alone. To thank the dog for his service, the police officers decided to take him into their care.

In addition to the drugs, police also found weapons and a large amount of cash. Three people were arrested. But, by helping uncover evidence, their furry housemate seems to have endeared himself to authorities. They decided to take care of him. While it isn’t clear whether he’s in training to be a drug-detection dog, it’s very clear that he would be a perfect fit to help the police bust other criminals.

Image Source: PF / MT

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