The Dogs of Cambridgeshire County Receive a Donation From A Kind Stranger

The Dogs of Cambridgeshire County Receive a Donation From A Kind Stranger

In the district of East Cambridgeshire there is a quaint park that is popular among the residents and their dogs. Ely Country Park boasts primed lawns with paved paths perfect for strolling.

Kayley Drewitt is a local dog walker and on one of her walks she came across a heartwarming surprise at the park; one that was to spread joy among the dogs of the area.

Drewitt manages The Animal Ark Pet Services where she provides services including; dog walking, pet sitting, and boarding for birds, furries and reptiles. Due to the nature of her work, she spends a lot of time outside on walks with her client’s dogs. What she came across at the park was a box that stood by a post that appeared to have writing on it. She commented that the box appeared random but sparked her interest.

She and her dog for the day got closer to the box and it read:

“I am too old to play with my favorite tennis balls now. But it would make me very happy to know that some younger doggies would have fun with them. Love from Jarvis, Cocker Spaniel.”

Drewitt said that it was an incredible gesture and truly heartwarming whilst the dog beside her immediately took to rummaging through the tennis balls. It was a field day for the pup, not only did he get some fresh air and a nice stroll, but he got to play fetch with tennis balls of all sorts, thanks to Jarvis and his parents’ generous gesture.

Moved by their kindness, Drewitt took to social media to express her gratitude. Fortunately, Jarvis’ mom got a notice about the post and replied saying that she was happy to see other dogs enjoying the tennis balls. She then shared some information on Jarvis; the 11-year-old cocker spaniel who has severe arthritis so he is unable to play like he used to.

However, the old dog and his mom visit the park on occasion to see other dogs enjoy the tennis balls.

Image Credit: Kayley Drewitt

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