The Entire World Can't Stop Laughing At This Adorable Pup's New Smile!

The Entire World Can't Stop Laughing At This Adorable Pup's New Smile!

Maggie the Shih Tzu and Chihuahua mix might already have a winning smile, but on this fine day, that smile shined even more than usual.

Maggie lives with Mom, Eunice, and her Dad on Long Island. Her parents know all too well just how big her personality is despite her little body. She contains enough mischief in her brain to fill many more dogs!

A few months ago, Dad took a nap in the middle of a long day. Since he wears dentures and he found them uncomfortable at the time, he removed them, rolled over, and went straight to sleep. But when he woke up, those dentures had mysteriously vanished. He looked in all the usual places, searching around his room, in the bathroom, and high and low for them.

Eventually, Dad came downstairs to look around. That’s when he spotted Maggie hiding sneakily beneath the living room table. The pup looked up at him, and the sight was so hilarious he had to take a picture and share it with Eunice – and Mom was in tears from laughing so hard!

As it turns out, Maggie had found the dentures and picked them up in her mouth, which resulted in her gaining a brand new set of human teeth on her face. The effect that this had was so funny that the couple couldn’t resist sharing the story online!

The dentures were soon rescued and thoroughly cleaned, and Maggie exchanged her human grin for a more dog-like adorableness. Although Dad will be sure she can’t get her paws on his dentures again, the family will always chuckle when they look back on this hilarious tale!

Images & Feature Image Source: Twitter/eUniFiEd

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