The First Dog To Have Tested Positive For COVID-19 Has Passed Away

The day that many of us following the news have been dreading, has sadly come. The first dog in the United States of America that tested positive for the novel coronavirus, has passed away.

The death brings heartache to many, but especially the family of Buddy the German Shepherd. Buddy was a proud member of the Mahoney family, living a glorious life. Allison Mahoney was seen holding a picture of Buddy and explaining what a fantastic good boy he was. Allison highlighted how energetic and full of beans Buddy was. He loved doing the normal dog things like running through sprinklers and swimming in lakes. In mid-April this year, Buddy suddenly started to breathe heavily, and Allison could see he was struggling.

The family took him to the vet where tests were done to eliminate a contraction of the coronavirus. The tests came back positive and the family was devastated. After his death, reports were analyzed by independent vets for article writing and what they found shook this family’s life forever. Results showed that he may have been suffering the effects of Lymphoma too. The Mahoney’s had no idea about the other diagnosis and are left wondering if the Lymphoma did not make Buddy more susceptible to contracting the coronavirus.

Heartbroken and caught off guard with new information, the Mahoney family grieves Buddy’s death. Thankfully, they have many photos and happy memories to remember him by. Buddy’s story sheds light on the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic, serving as a reminder of how important it is to follow the information we have all been given on what protocols we can follow to help stop the spread of this awful infection.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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