The Heartbreaking Letter This Shelter Received Will Definitely Break Your Heart...

The Heartbreaking Letter This Shelter Received Will Definitely Break Your Heart...

When Shell arrived at the Stray Rescue shelter in St. Louis, staff were saddened to see a senior pooch being surrendered. But the letter that came with the pup was even more heartbreaking.

The letter was addressed to Stray Rescue and was from Shell’s parent. They explained that Shell had been adopted from that same rescue in either 2009 or 2010. But then, the adopter’s son, who took the pup in after the adopter passed away, developed cancer.

The letter explained that its writer had been battling the disease for several months. It said that if staff were reading it, this meant she had lost the fight and passed away.

Stray Rescue staff were greatly saddened by this news. They decided to share Shell’s story on their Facebook page in hopes it would help her get adopted again soon. It wasn’t too long before their followers poured in, sharing the post almost 2,000 times.

In just three days, Shell’s new Mom had appeared! This Mom had just lost her own rescue pup, also from Stray Rescue. She wanted to give Shell a stable and reliable home that would provide her with love and care in her time of grief, and beyond.

Shell’s Mom was naturally drawn to the pup and both pup and Mom hit it off the moment they met. The pup, who loves to cuddle but doesn’t quite enjoy being carried, has since adjusted well to her new home. She’s already taken the reigns of the house and made herself comfortable!

We’re truly glad that Shell’s previous family’s request to care for the lonesome pup was fulfilled. Shell will surely live many more years in her new home – loved, spoiled, and pampered!

images & Feature Image Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis / Facebook

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