The Jumping Dog Who Should Have Been A Dolphin

The Jumping Dog Who Should Have Been A Dolphin

Who doesn’t love the beach? The sea, the sand, the sun! It’s spectacular! What’s even better are those jumping dolphins that sure are a sight to see.

On this beach, the dolphins aren’t the jumping sight that one would see. The main attraction here is Tofu, the jumping dolphin dog.

A jumping dog? Well, dogs jump all the time. What’s so different about this dog?

Tofu has always had a big personality and she’s known for running around and barking up a storm, but when she’s at the beach, she turns into a dolphin!

According to her mom, as soon as they head to the beach, she starts jumping high in the air nonstop! Just like a dolphin, Tofu makes gigantic leaps, and she does it so well. Her erratic jumping sometimes draws a huge crowd and people passing by sometimes have to do a double-take at this dolphin dog.

Her jumping has even inspired some dogs to join in, but none can match her jumping skills. She’s the ultimate jumping dog! Other dogs wouldn’t even bother and think she’s gone quite mad! Too bad they don’t know just how much fun she’s having.

Sure, it’s not every day one sees a dog jumping so high at the beach but most people have gotten used to it by now. That’s just Tofu’s way of thanking her mom for bringing her to her favorite place in the world. How sweet! Maybe she should have been a dolphin!

Images Source: Ashleigh MacPherson

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