The Love This Pup Has For Her Very First Toy Will Definitely Warm Your Heart!

The Love This Pup Has For Her Very First Toy Will Definitely Warm Your Heart!

Every pup has a favorite toy, but for one-year-old Luna, a pit bull mix, doesn’t just love one – she loves all of one specific kind of them!

Luna loves hedgehog toys. In fact, she might just be obsessed with them. She has many toys, but at least 10 of them are in this form, and in all shapes and sizes of the animal – and her Mom, Alexa Ferguson, has no idea why!

Luna didn’t always have this many hedgehog toys, though. Prior to being adopted, she was thin and malnourished, living life as a stray in San Bernardino, California. She wound up at a kill shelter, and when no one adopted her, she had to be put on the euthanasia list.

Thankfully, RainCoast Dog Rescue Society stepped in to help her and placed Luna with a loving foster family. She moved to Vancouver, Canada to begin her new life in her temporary home. Then, in June 2017, Ferguson, along with her fiancé, agreed to foster the pup and even possibly adopt her. They’d wanted a dog for a while, and they soon fell in love with her and adopted her officially.

Ferguson has noticed that Luna has odd quirks, likely from mistreatment from a former family. It’s likely that she was confined to a crate for most of her previous life. Her paws were so unused to walking on pavement that they bled after a few walks, and she was so terrified of the outdoors that she freaked out when brought on hikes, to forests, or even out to look at the ocean.

Luna seemed perpetually terrified for a long time, but then the couple bought her a stuffed hedgehog toy and she fell in love with it. She played with it sometimes, but mostly spent time cuddling with it. Soon, she accumulated quite a collection. She’d play roughly with other toys and destroy them eventually – but never any of her hedgehogs. They were for cuddling and care only!

Luna has now grown to learn to love being outside, especially to the forest and beach, and she even has lots of pup friends to play with. What hasn’t changed is her undying love for every single hedgehog toy she receives, and she brings them around with her as a form of comfort and safety, often falling asleep with them!

We may never know the reason behind Luna’s love for these specific toys, but Ferguson and her fiancé can’t imagine a life without her and all her hedgehogs!

Images & Feature Image Source: Alexa Ferguson

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