The Pandemic Helped Many Say Hello, But A Lot Said Goodbye

The Pandemic Helped Many Say Hello, But A Lot Said Goodbye

The coronavirus pandemic was unlike anything the modern world had ever seen. It seemed like one day everything was normal, and the next, friends, loved ones, and strangers were coming down with this mystery illness.

A lot of us started working from home, and the schools closed. Malls, restaurants, offices, places of worship, and many businesses were forced to shut down. It was a stressful and traumatic time for all of us. Many Americans responded by becoming new dog parents. They had extra time at home and not much to do, so it was the perfect time. Soon, neighborhoods were filled with pandemic puppies and rescues.

Many were spared losing people they cared about to the virus, but time still moved on, and their old and aging dogs passed away from old age. All that free time meant they had time to grieve, and for Karma’s mom, her nearly 13 year-old-dog sadly passed away in June 2020. Her love for her dog is evident in the tattoo she got in his honor.

One thing that we’ve noticed is that there are many distractions in life that don’t give us the permission to properly grieve. It took the world stopping and all the turmoil and chaos to seemingly slow down for many of us to realize what was important to us. Riley is another dog who passed away in May from a ruptured tumor. Beloved by her family, her passing highlighted how close the bond between dogs and humans really are.

To all the parents who got dogs during this pandemic, we salute you. To all the parents who lost their dogs, we stand with you.

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