The RSPCA Has Issued A Warning To All Pet Parents About Heat And Your Pups

The RSPCA Has Issued A Warning To All Pet Parents About Heat And Your Pups

The summer sun is still hot and dangerous – to people and their pets. The RSPCA is warning pet owners to be aware of heat stress and take action to prevent it.

Heat exhaustion can cause serious and even fatal conditions, like cardiac arrest and heat stroke. The best way to prevent heat exhaustion is to provide your dog with access to shade and water. If you can, don’t tie your pet up, let them be free so they can find shade for themselves. A rope or leash can also get tangled or caught on things and prevent your dog from moving around.

You should plan on having more than one container of water available if your pet it outdoors, in case one gets knocked over. Avoid exercising your dog in the middle of the day when temperatures are high because this will cause them to overheat faster. If your dog is overheated, you need to get their temperature down quickly. Move them to a cooler area like inside, in the shade, or near a fan.

If there is a body of water nearby, let your dog go in and cool off. Let him drink cool, fresh water – but don’t force it. If your dog can’t drink, get their tongue wet with the water. Do not give ice cubes that will cause a dramatic temperature change, and your dog may go into shock. Finally, take him to the vet. Be sure to have a plan to keep you and your pet cool if the power should go out and the AC is off!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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