The Treat Puzzle Challenge: German Shepherd Versus English Bulldog!

The Treat Puzzle Challenge: German Shepherd Versus English Bulldog!

It’s puzzle time! German Shepherd Dog vs. English Bulldog!

Puzzles are not just about fun and games, they are actually a great way to provide your dog with mental simulation – especially if they like food!

According to Marty Becker, “Food puzzles are toys designed to be filled with kibble, small treats, even frozen foods that encourage dogs to work to get to the goodies. Instead of mindlessly emptying the food bowl, the dog has to hunt to bring down the “prey” and work for a long time to eat what would have once taken a minute to do. Eating out of food puzzles takes memory, skill and manipulation, all of which help our dogs find healthier, less-destructive ways to release pent-up energy.”

However, it’s important to choose a puzzle that is well-suited for your dog. If you have an exceptionally smart dog, they will need a more advanced puzzle to provide a proper challenge and stimulation. On the other hand, if they are just starting out, it may be better to start with something more simple and see how they do so they aren’t overwhelmed. If they feel it is too hard they may just give up.

Here, we have a German shepherd dog and bulldog who have both been given the same puzzle and the race is on to see how they do!

Treats are hidden in various compartments of the puzzle, and these two dogs need to find them but let’s just say this puzzle doesn’t seem to be the right fit for one of them…

See the video for yourself on page 2!

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Let’s just say one does a little better than the other…

We did a little digging, this is the puzzle used in the video:

Watch the video below to see the puzzle challenge!

Feature Image Source: ansulliva’s channel

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