The Truth Regarding the Use of Shock Collars as a Training Method

The Truth Regarding the Use of Shock Collars as a Training Method

Shock collars are a controversial training method used to prevent dogs from wandering away or from barking. If you consider the use of shock collars as cruel, Dr. Vanessa Spano, a veterinarian at Behavior Vets in New York fully agrees with you.

The Reasoning behind Shock Collars

Shock collars deter the dog from forbidden actions by subjecting him to an uncomfortable sensation such as a vibration or shock.

According to Dr. Spano:

“Because many animals are smart and can make associations, the idea behind using a shock collar is that the dog will associate a behavior … with an unpleasant … and will learn that anytime he barks, he will experience the unpleasant sensation of either vibrating or shocking.’’

Why is this Cruel?

A training method that causes pain is cruel. This is especially true if the shock collar is used to stop the dog from barking. A barking dog is trying to communicate his feelings of frustration, boredom, or discomfort; he is trying to get your attention. Preventing a dog from barking can be compared to preventing a human from screaming in the face of danger.

The Harmful effects of Shock Collars

A dog subjected to shock collars may suffer from increased anxiety and fear. He will experience feelings of frustration which may lead to more undesirable behavior.

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