These Dogs Reluctantly Show Up For Their Parent’s Big Day!

These Dogs Reluctantly Show Up For Their Parent’s Big Day!

Like human children, your dog will form an opinion about their future step-parent and your union. But, at the end of the day, they’re really just happy you’re happy. So, if they got to be by your side even though they regret every word of those vows, they’ll do it.

Watch how these nine dogs reluctantly show up for their parent’s big day:

Side eye included

“The ring’s cute, but don’t get blinded by the shiny stone girl! Remember those texts from ‘Pizza Hut’? I don’t know about you, but my delivery driver doesn’t text ‘missed your cute butt’ no matter how big the tip is!

A dash of sarcasm

“Is it over yet? Yes, I’m happy for you, let’s go. Soooo happy.”

Only here for the bride

“Listen, there’s no way I’m becoming a president of the Brad fan club soon, but if she’s happy with him, then I’ll put up with it. He’s a doofus who doesn’t deserve her, and if anything bad happens, I’ve already planned how I will exact my revenge. But yeah, doesn’t she look great? She better stay that way, Brad.”

Not the only one wondering where the time went

“Time really does fly, but no one told me it was going light speed. Haven’t you just been going out for 4 human months? I know that’s like 5 dog years but it doesn’t matter. I hope you don’t plan on taking his last name.”

Playing it cool

“I mean, I guess cold feet are normal, even though his aren’t. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s not as bad as I think he is.”

Got my eyes on you

“Listen here, Kevin. You might have Rebecca fooled and you might have everyone else here fooled, but there’s no fooling me! That’s right, I’ve got my eyes on you, mister.”

No barking up this tree

“That’s right Chad. You stay right there and smile and clap for the happy couple. You had your chance, so don’t come barking up this tree. She’s with Tom now whether we like it or not!”

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

“I’m a veteran wedding guest, so trust me when I say this shin-dig was off the hook. I just love how unique this couple is. I bet the ugly Christmas sweaters will be something we talk about till next Christmas.”

Happy you’re happy

“I take back all the mean stuff I’ve ever said about Josh. I’m just happy you’re finally getting married. I can’t wait!”

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