These Guys Love Their Pups So Much, They Actually Opened A Museum For Them!

These Guys Love Their Pups So Much, They Actually Opened A Museum For Them!

All dog parents love their pups, but Josef Küblbeck and Oliver Storz have taken their love for their two shorthaired dachshund pups – named Seppi and Moni – a full step further: by opening the world’s first dedicated dachshund museum in Passau, Bavaria, Germany.

Over the past 25 years, the couple amassed a truly awe-worthy collection of over 500 pieces of dachshund-themed memorabilia. At first, this started modestly, simply because Küblbeck and Storz were so in love with the particular breed of dog. They collected statues, toys, and even books.

This led to their decision to open Dackelmuseum (which translates to Dachshund Museum) – so they could share their love for the pups with the world. And just before it opened, something amazing happened – someone in Belgium rang them and offered to give them 3,500 pieces featuring the sausage dog!

When Dackelmuseum opened, it displayed 4,500 items dedicated to the dachshund dog, including many showcasing their history and many famous fans. As dachshunds have always been so well-loved in Germany, it’s only fitting that the country should become home to the first and only dachshund museum in the world. And on top of all of that, dogs are allowed inside the museum, too!

As for why Küblbeck and Storz love dachshunds so much? It’s all in their personalities: they’re funny, loyal, intuitive, sensitive, and make fantastic friends. The couple has learned so much from their pups in the past few years, so their love for them is no surprise!

Images & Feature Image Source: Oliver Storz

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