These Puppies Have Outgrown Their Crate, But They Refuse to Believe It!

These Puppies Have Outgrown Their Crate, But They Refuse to Believe It!

For humans and animals alike, it can be hard to come to terms with the idea of growing up. For these seven dogs, the prospect of eventually outgrowing their crate is the worst thing they could imagine.

Dee Marie showed that she has a heart of gold when she decided to foster Emi and her seven puppies. From day one, the seven puppies slept in the same crate. And Emi is the most doting mother, always hovering around her babies to make sure they’re safe.

Emi’s family lived in such a remote area of north-western Ontario, that they didn’t have access to a regular vet. So, when Emi became pregnant, they felt like the best thing they could do is take her to the Northern Critters In Need non-profit. It was the non-profit that placed Emi in the care of Marie.

Marie fostered the dogs until the puppies were old enough to be placed for adoption. As they grew up, Marie started to notice that every single dog was unique, and they all had great personalities. They are charismatic, loud, and confident.

Initially, they had just one crate. But, as they got bigger, Marie added another one so they could spread out. But the puppies just ignored it, even though there’s barely enough room for them all in one crate. They refuse to let go of each other, acting like they are still the same little puppies they were when Marie first took them in.

At three months old, the puppies have started being adopted by different families. Hopefully, they come to terms with their new arrangements, and they don’t miss their crate too much. When all the puppies are adopted, Emi will be returned to her family, along with Aang, one of the puppies.

Images Source: Dee Marie

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