Have You Ever Seen The Wiener Dog Dinner Dance?

Have You Ever Seen The Wiener Dog Dinner Dance?

If there is one thing that unites all dogs, it’s food. Some dogs like playing ball, others are couch potatoes. Some like going on road trips and meeting new people, others prefer to have some quiet time at home with a small group of people. Every dog has it’s own unique set of likes and dislikes, but pretty much all of them love food.

These two dachshunds are no exception, but the way the celebrate food is very unique! The duo start off by going on a nice brisk walk around the block and once they have really worked up their appetites, they come home and mom asks them that magical question, “Do you want dinner?” You know they do!

The pair take off for the kitchen, and that’s when things get interesting. Let the wiener dog dinner dance begin! The pair start spinning in circles, so excited about the food they are about to eat! They seem to have a tune stuck in their heads for they are very excited as they spin around waiting for their dinner. It’s a wonder they can stand up with all that spinning. According to their mom, that’s how they show that they’re hungry!

See the adorable video of these two doxies in action on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see the silly spinning dachshunds!

Feature Image Source: Carl Blemming

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