These Two German Shepherds Are Doing Tricks Like Rockstars!

These Two German Shepherds Are Doing Tricks Like Rockstars!

What’s better than one German shepherd doing amazing tricks? Of course, we’re talking about two German shepherds doing some impressive tricks! You may remember Britney the German shepherd dog from some of her other incredible trick videos. She’s known for doing tricks far beyond the typical “sit,” “stay,” or even “roll over.” Most of us feel pretty accomplished if we can get our dogs to heel on leash or manage a high 5, but for Britney – well, she needs something a bit more challenging where she can show off her athleticism.

In this case, she enlisted the help of her friend the black German shepherd, Magie. Together, the two do some incredible tricks with their humans and a couple of Frisbees. It’s pretty incredible to see them do all these things with just their bodies and nothing else. These are some really smart, amazing shepherds!

The video starts with the shepherds rolling around one by one, just to let you know who is who and great you ready to see some awesome tricks! See the breathtaking video on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see the shepherd duo doing tricks!

Feature Image Source: Klára Nováková

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