Thinking About Getting A Choke Collar For Your Dog?

Thinking About Getting A Choke Collar For Your Dog?

If your dog is experiencing behavioral issues, you’ve probably tried every trick in the book by now. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent, it just means the two of you need to work harder at getting through to each other.

Many trainers swear by choke collars, as they are effective at helping to curve some of the bad habits dogs have while being walked, but some people fear it might be bad for their dogs. So what’s the truth? Let’s find out.

What’s a choke collar?

The name is quite literal; it chokes your dog. They are usually made of rope or a type of metal and are used like regular collars. The only difference is that when your dog acts up, it chokes him/her. The point of this is to curb bad behavior as your dog will unconsciously stop pulling on the leash to avoid being choked.

The drawbacks to choke collars

While this is an effective method, it isn’t the only way. Choke collars are a cruel way to go about things and they can cause your dog great discomfort. He/she may also become afraid of going for a walk, and even you. It creates anxiety in your dog and does not address the actual cause of the behavioral issues. Furthermore, it can cause physical damage.

Alternatives to a choke collar

If regular collars don’t work, try using a harness. This will give you greater control over any pulling, and it is much more comfortable. Next, you will want to consult a behavioral specialist. Your regular veterinarian should be able to recommend one. You should also avoid the triggers that cause him/her to pull, like cars, other dogs, or people. Limit leash/harness time to your yard for a wall, then slowly reintroduce him/her to triggers and award treats for good behavior. While change is not going to happen overnight, it’s better to work with your dog than to put him/her in harm’s way. Wouldn’t you agree?

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