This Adorable And Clever Pup Has Come Up With A New Way To "Buy" Treats!

This Adorable And Clever Pup Has Come Up With A New Way To "Buy" Treats!

The concept of money is one we assume is only employed by humans, but that doesn’t mean animals don’t barter items or can’t learn the value of the dollar.

One fine day, Serch Vazquez of Mexico City decided to hop onto one of his company’s driver’s vehicles as it made its usual delivery route. Vazquez is a supervisor for a distributor of bottled water, but he hadn’t joined this particular driver’s daily journey before.

One of their stops was at a small market, where a little front window acted as a counter for food sales. Vazquez stepped off the vehicle and was immediately greeted by a cute pup who patted his leg with his small paw.

Vazquez wasn’t sure what this dog wanted, but his colleague had met the dog – named Cabron – many times before. He told Vazquez to give Cabron one peso and watch what happened next. Curious, Vazquez obliged, presenting the money to the pup.

Serch Vazquez

Cabron gleefully took the one peso coin and rushed over to the market’s little store window. He handed the money to the cashier, and the person behind the counter rewarded Carbon with an equivalently priced snack. Needless to say, Vazquez was stunned, and the video he and his colleague recorded of the incident went viral.

It’s not entirely clear how this smart pup learned to pay for snacks, but most locals have an inference. Cabron is the adopted pup of the lady who runs that storefront window shop, and she isn’t easily swayed by his begging puppy dog eyes for free snacks. It’s likely that Cabron began to see customers coming by and giving money to his Mom in exchange for food, so the pup learned to do so, too! Incredible!

Feature Image Source: Serch Vazquez

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