This Adorable Dog Has A Secret Admirer!

This Adorable Dog Has A Secret Admirer!

For Grizzly, an adopted 8-month-old toy Goldendoodle, spreading love and cheering his family up is something he has gotten really good at. Even the strangers on the street, Grizzly knows how to give love.

His parents’ joke that he is so friendly and kind, making him the most kidnappable dog because he likes everyone so much, he wouldn’t know the difference. Living in Chicago, winters are cold and long, making it hard for Grizzly to go outside and play. He has started to love running into his neighbors in his apartment complex, and his parents say he gets so excited seeing them. His mom says that sometimes he will run and jump into their arms when they pass each other in the elevator or down in the lobby.

One night when Grizzly woke his mom up at 2 am to go outside, they soon discovered that he had a secret admirer. Waiting for them out in the hallway was a care package with a toy, some snacks, and a water bowl. He quickly spotted the gifts and was so excited at what someone had given him. Once he got a hold of the teddy bear, they were inseparable.

His mom left a note outside their door where the little gift was found, but no one owned up to leaving them anything. Even though no one had said they left their gifts for the family and Grizzly, his mom was touched that he was so loved by the people in their building.

Of course, dogs bring joy and love to their own families, it’s always great to know that other people also benefit from this as well, which is exactly what Grizzly has clearly shown.

Image Source: Marisa Buchheit

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