This Adorable Dog Loves Taking Care Of Blueberries!

This Adorable Dog Loves Taking Care Of Blueberries!

For many dogs, their toys are often their most prized possessions. But, sometimes with that comes along countless replacements, tears, and destruction.

Dogs love their toys, but that doesn’t stop them from playing with them every day and bringing to light all the wear and tear. For Ava, who is said to be an incredibly sweet and loyal dog, her toys are always taken care of. Ava’s mom, Talia, says that anything that happens Ava always brings over her toys to smooth the situation over.

If anyone laughs, cries, gets angry, or even seems down, Ava is there quickly with her toy. Her level of carefulness with her toys is something that Talia loves. One day, Ava takes this a step farther. Talia was watching tv and eating some blueberries when Ava came over to join her. Talia, without thinking, offered Ava a blueberry and to her surprise, took it with the utmost care. Ava treated the blueberry just as she would treat her toys.

Ava spent the rest of the day carrying around the blueberry and treating it tenderly. She didn’t even try to eat it as a snack, simply as a prized possession that her mother gave her. Talia said she snuggled it and left it in her crate.

Her mom came and showed her that it was food, but once it was broken Ava didn’t want it anymore. Now, every time Ava gets a blueberry, she treats it the same way she did the first time, and Talia loves it.

She has taken countless videos and pictures of Ava with her favorite toy, the blueberry.

Images Source: Talia Henze

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