This Adorable Dog Won't Go Out Without One Of Her Plushies!

This Adorable Dog Won't Go Out Without One Of Her Plushies!

If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that each of our four-legged family members are unique to their characters. They get up to all kinds of hilarious antics and we often find ourselves in fits of laughter at their madness.

Be it sleeping in funny places or running zoomies around us, our canine companions are sure to give us good entertainment. One charming golden retriever, Poseidon (better known as Poi), is a typical picture of a good laugh. This golden girl never goes anywhere without one of her plushies.

These toys range from giant fluffy chicken drumsticks to sharks. Poi’s mom has uploaded many photos of this golden girl and her plushies, going viral without question! In addition to these cute antics, Poi has other skills such as balancing things on her head.

In one particular photo, she is seen with a stack of dog treats piled on her nose and head without making a move. This self-control is the type that most of us strive for, isn’t it! You can find these adorable photos on Imgur, posted by pet parent with the account name hisCleverUsername.

Our dogs certainly each have their own personalities, often paired with unexplainable actions. Whether they leave us in fits of laughter or leave us scratching our heads utterly confused, we love them just as much! After all, how boring our lives would be without our canine companions to always keep us on our toes?

Images & Feature Image Source: hisCleverUsername

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