This Adorable Pup Absolutely Loves Stealing Shoes!

This Adorable Pup Absolutely Loves Stealing Shoes!

Some pups can have an obsession with certain items, and there is no denying just how adorable it can be! Seeing your pup trying to gather up and hoard a stockpile of their favourite item or snack can lead to some highly amusing situations. This is especially so when they try to steal said items from right under your very nose!

This particular Golden Retriever pup for some reason absolutely adores shoes – sport shoes in particular. Maybe it is the texture of the fabric, or the fact shoes seem to make an excellent chew toy for pups. Either way, even though he clearly knows he shouldn’t be doing this, he still tries to get away with it whenever he can!

Thankfully, Mom finds this very amusing. In case you as a parent don’t find this behaviour as adorable as this Mom does, however, there are plenty of methods you can use to keep your pups away from your shoes!

Feature Image Source: PAWS TUBE

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