This Adorable Pup Is Absolutely Desperate For Cuddles!

This Adorable Pup Is Absolutely Desperate For Cuddles!

Some pups just love people! Regardless of whether it is an individual personality difference, or just a characteristic of the breed, they dog their parents’ heels from room to room and demand snuggles when the family is seated on the sofa and is within reach! It really is an adorable thing.

However, sometimes this clinginess can get problematic, as is the case for this Mom and her gorgeous Beagle pup! Poor Mom has to get some work done on her laptop, as she works from home. This time, she’s decided that the living room sofa is much comfier than her usual study chair and has shifted positions accordingly.

Unfortunately for her, this Beagle thinks that this is the signal for cuddle time! The poor thing looks so confused when Mom is forced to push him away. Poor pup! Don’t worry, he will get all the cuddle he wants later, after Mom’s finished work!

Feature Image Source: Stupensardi 278

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