This Adorable Pup Is Completely Overjoyed After Receiving 24 Tennis Balls As Gift!

This Adorable Pup Is Completely Overjoyed After Receiving 24 Tennis Balls As Gift!

What is it about tennis balls that pups love so much? It’s not easy to figure out, but for some reason they’re prized above all the stuffed toys, chewy things, and other types of balls in the world. Is it the color of the tennis ball? The texture? The size? Who knows?

For some pups, there’s nothing better than a tennis ball. Some may even choose it over a snack. Stella is a pup who feels exactly this way. There’s nothing that gets her happier than a tennis ball, even if it’s just one she’ll carry around in her mouth as she goes!

That’s why Stella’s Mom, who we know as @radicalJulianna on Twitter, decided to give her a real treat for Christmas – the kind of present that she would really, really love. Instead of getting her a very fancy present, Stella’s Mom has purchased a whopping 24 of these tennis balls to give to Stella all at once.

As Stella stands beneath the stairs, her Mom tips over a box and two dozen tennis balls fall right out and onto the floor. Immediately, Stella is overjoyed and in shock. She’s completely flummoxed by all the choices she has available to her. She wanders around, rushing to pick them all up one by one!

Stella may already be 13 years old, but surrounded by all these tennis balls, she acts like a happy young little pupper all over again! She can’t stop picking up each new one she comes across as her tail wags happily. It’s safe to say this may be the best Christmas present ever!

Kudos to Twitter user @radicalJulianna for understanding her pup on a deep, emotional level, and treating him to a buffet of tennis balls this Christmas.

Images & Feature Image Source: @radicalJulianna

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