This Adorable Pup Is Learning How To Use Chopsticks!

This Adorable Pup Is Learning How To Use Chopsticks!

All of us who have grown up with pups know how it is like to have them at the dinner table. They sit there with begging, pleading eyes, as if they haven’t eaten in weeks. We know we aren’t supposed to feed them, but most of the time we will end up slipping them food somehow, for any reason.

Maybe it is because you just can’t resist it this time, or you are having a little fun, or you are sneaking them food you absolutely hate and don’t want to eat. It isn’t really a good habit either – most human foods are too salty for dogs. That doesn’t make it any less fun to feed them though!

This German Shepherd pup is eating from a pair of chopsticks for the first time! You might think that this foreign eating utensil may have stumped this pup, but it doesn’t phase him one bit and he gulps his snack down anyway! Chopsticks aren’t going to get in the way of this pup!

Feature Image Source: Lexi GS WorldLexi GS World

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