This Adorable Pup Is Looking For A Forever Loving Home... Let's Help Him Find One!

This Adorable Pup Is Looking For A Forever Loving Home... Let's Help Him Find One!

Chewy the pit bull pup is 8 years old and has such a lovely personality that everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He captures the hearts of everyone he runs into.

But despite this, Chewy has been in a shelter run by Austin Pets Alive!, otherwise known as APA, since the June of 2016, and Dianne Baker, a volunteer with the organization, isn’t quite sure why.

Chewy was originally placed in the Austin Animal Center, but had to be moved after just 10 days due to the huge amount of stress he was under and the lack of attention he received. He was frightened and terrified constantly when he first arrived, licking all the walls in nervousness.

But once Chewy is out of those stressful kennels, his true self comes out! He gets happy and his tail is always wagging. He loves playing ball and just loves being around people, cuddling, and going on car rides! He’s a bubbly pup, and staff love him.

Chewy also has an Instagram account run by Baker and a different volunteer. It has amassed 1,000 followers, but he still hasn’t found a home. This may be because he needs one without children or other pets.

This happy pit bull now lives in a foster home, and has since July. It’s been great for him, and he’s much calmer. He loves sleeping in bed with his Mom and likes to be her shadow, following her everywhere.

Chewy is a loyal, affectionate, and intelligent pup, and he loves being with the people he trusts. He also enjoys playing a lot, but he’s happy to stop when told it’s time to rest. And this wonderful pup still needs a home!

If you would like to give this pup the loving family he deserves, contact APA here!

Images & Feature Image Source: Austin Pets Alive!

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