This Adorable Pup Loves The Sun So Much She Literally Finds The Perfect Place To Nap!

One of life’s ultimate delights is a comfortable nap. After a stressful day, this can really be life-enhancing.

We all know that glorious feeling of sinking into oblivion as the winter sun on our back makes us drowsier and drowsier or plonking down on a soft bed and feeling our limbs turn to jelly. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that our furry friends are well-acquainted with this as well. Have you ever witnessed your dog lying on his back in the sun and emitting periodical sounds of pure enjoyment as he slowly stretches and changes position? They sure know how to enjoy life!

While larger breeds are happy with just about anything, it is the little pups that are more comfort-seekers. You could find them in the oddest places –in the middle of the kitchen floor, or even strategically placed on the back of a larger dog. This is the case for Freddy Master’s four-legged family member, Nellie. This three-month-old Daschund loves lazing about in the sun wherever she may find it. The floor, the bed, the sofa. If the sun is there, so is Nellie!

You might find yourself stumbling over your little comfort-seeker more often than not, especially if it’s cold and dismal outside. Who can blame her?

If she’s cold and shivering in her short little coat, that random piece of sunshine must look doubly appealing and, after all, it is a dog’s life so she’s entitled to that little bit of comfort!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Instagram/nelliethesausagepup

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