This Adorable Pup Thinks He's A Hurricane!

This Adorable Pup Thinks He's A Hurricane!

Ever hear of a hurrica-nine? Well, if you have a dog that likes to run around in a circle really fast – you have witnessed that phenomena!

Most dogs have the zoomies and will run back and forth really fast, or around the room – but not all dogs need to go very far to go fast! The adorable video about Fergus, a goofy golden that loves to run around and around (and around) was recently posted! This video was taken at about the same time Hurricane Ophelia arrived in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

That was the day that Fergus decided to imitate the powerful wind storm in a dramatic reenactment! Fergus’ mom, Clarissa Whitley certainly enjoyed the show! You know at the end when mom asks Fergus if he is done that he is about to do it again! Typical kid! There is no doubt that Fergus was very dizzy after this display of silliness!

Feature Image Source: Caters_News

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