This Adorable Pup Was Surrendered To The Shelter For Being "Too Good"

This Adorable Pup Was Surrendered To The Shelter For Being "Too Good"

It’s always heartbreaking when a newly adopted pup ends up getting sent back to the shelter they came from. Often, this happens because of behavioral problems, an inability to get along with the whole family, or due to unexpected life changes.

But when Binx the husky mix was sent back after less than 48 hours of being adopted, the reasons provided had Arizona Animal Welfare League staff confused. Binx had come to the shelter after he was found by hikers on a desert trail back in December.

The pup had rushed up to greet the hikers, and they’d tried to keep him, but after a month they were unable to find his original family. Their demanding lifestyles meant they weren’t able to continue caring for the young pup, so he had been given to AAWL. It was believed that the smart, obedient pup would find a new home pretty quickly, and he was a quick favorite for many.

Although he did get adopted in a mere couple days, Binx was returned shortly after. The note that arrived with Binx’s return was highly perplexing. The letter explained that Binx was very good with dogs and children, he knew how to shake hands and sit down, and he was even potty trained. But the note also said that this was too much for the family, who actually wanted a true puppy.

This meant Binx had been returned for being too good a dog – something that had never happened at AAWL before. Luckily, staff are confident he’ll find a new home quickly, and one that will truly love and appreciate him. He’d love a home where he can enjoy hours and hours of play as well as plenty of snuggles.

He’s a very social pup! If you’d like to adopt Binx, fill out an AAWL application here.

Images & Feature Image Source: Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA

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