This Adorable Pup With Two Legs Proves Nothing Can Stop Her From Destroying Her Bed!

This Adorable Pup With Two Legs Proves Nothing Can Stop Her From Destroying Her Bed!

Cora Rose is an adorable white, fluffy rescue pup – just a year ago, it wasn’t clear she would survive.

Cora Rose first arrived at a shelter located in Madera, California. She was suffering from both her front legs being shattered. It was suspected that she had been hit by a car. The pain was unbearable, and she could hardly move.

Eventually, Cora Rose was moved into the care of Zach and Heather Skow’s rescue group Marley’s Mutts. But by this point, she was in dire shape. One of her legs had been amputated due to infection, and the other needed the same treatment.

On the 14th of February, the Skows met Cora Rose for the first time. They weren’t sure if it was the right decision to try and save her, seeing as she was suffering so much. After a vet consultation, they decided to give her a second chance at life, even with the lengthy recovery period ahead.

Thankfully, this was the right choice. The pup began to heal, and soon her back legs became much stronger. She started being able to walk by standing, and her tail would wag so fast! Cora Rose was also fitted with a custom wheelchair so she could run around and go to the dog park.

The Skows decided to take Cora Rose in. The pup now lives with three fellow rescue pups and her best friend, Henry the cat. Despite her past and disability, the pup is full of energy and sass and likes to boss her dog siblings around!

In fact, Cora Rose can do just about anything able-bodied pups can do. Just a few days ago, the pup was caught in the middle of a huge mess of cloth scraps and fluff. She’d ripped a dog bed to shreds with the help of her pit bull brother Avery!

Cora Rose is living proof that disabilities don’t have to define someone. While they make her life different and arguably more challenging, the pup keeps her spirits up and charms everyone she meets. What an inspiration!

Images & Feature Image Source: Marley’s Mutts

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