This Adorable Pup's Selfie On His Ear Is Dropping Everyone's Jaws!

This Adorable Pup's Selfie On His Ear Is Dropping Everyone's Jaws!

Three-year-old Floyd is a big pup, but he’s full of little surprises! This is something Mom Emily Beaston and her boyfriend, Corey, found out after a small detail in a picture made their 180-pound pooch go viral.

In the summer of 2018, Corey headed out with Floyd to a nearby park. To commemorate the fun time, he took a cute picture of the pup and posted in on Facebook. What he didn’t expect was for that innocent image to start gaining lots of attention from friends and strangers alike!

Floyd’s picture showed his majestic profile, including one of his ears. The position of that ear, and a few markings on that body part and his neck, made an interesting optical illusion. It looked just like a reflection of Floyd’s own cute face!

At first, neither Emily nor Corey noticed it. But when Corey set that uncropped picture as his profile picture on Facebook, Emily saw it but didn’t think much of it. Then, some of their friends began to point it out in the comments, and soon everyone was flooding in to see the “ear face”!

Corey himself was taken by surprise when he noticed the optical illusion, and it’s the kind that you can’t unsee once you notice it. Replies to the photo ranged from amused to freaked out and from witty to confused (for those who just couldn’t find it), and both Emily and Corey had a good time scrolling through the comments.

It’s not an optical illusion easy to see in person, either. The pup has to stand in a particular way and be looked at from a particular angle. It’s basically much easier to spot in pictures if you get it just right.

Looks like Floyd’s doppelganger is much closer than he knows!

Images & Feature Image Source: Instagram

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