This Adorable Rescue Pup's Best Friend Is A... Brick?! This Is Heartwarming!

This Adorable Rescue Pup's Best Friend Is A... Brick?! This Is Heartwarming!

When Ariana Smoak was on her way back home after work one evening, she spotted, out of the corner of her eye as she drove, a forlorn-looking pup standing alone on the roadside. She decided to stop the car and see if the dog needed help. To her surprise, from the bushes emerged an entire litter of sickly puppies behind their mama!

Smoak knew she couldn’t ignore these precious pooches. They were covered from head to toe in fleas and were very dirty, but she brought them home anyway.

Smoak and her mother kept them in their home and slowly began to raise funds so they could bring the pups to the vet. Fast forward several weeks later, and they were all treated, healthy, and in new forever homes – well, except for Sunny, that is.

Sunny was one of the puppies in the litter and the last to find a home, but Smoak and her mom fell in love with the goofy, mischievous pup. He’s playful and friendly and brings joy to their home, and he also has a very unique and special best friend and favorite toy. You’ll never guess just what it is!

In Smoak’s home lies a rug that continually curls up in a corner every now and then. Trying to fix the problem, she placed a brick over that stubborn corner, and she was sure this would solve the problem quickly. But while Smoak’s other two pups mostly ignored it, Sunny fell head over heels in love with the brick. Yes, an actual brick!

Sunny adored the brick the moment he saw it. He would chew and lick at it, and he began to play with it, batting it with his paws and cuddling with it. Smoak figured the pup would outgrow his odd obsession – but he never did, and until today, as much bigger adult pup, Sunny snuggles with the brick and feels comforted by it!

The unlikely friend that Sunny has made has stuck around in that same corner for all this time, and Smoak and her family sure don’t mind! They’re just glad Sunny has found someone – or, rather, something – that he truly connects with!

Images & Feature Image Source: Ariana Smoak

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