This Clever Beagle Will Stop At Nothing To Get Food!

This Clever Beagle Will Stop At Nothing To Get Food!

Most beagles love food. Just ask anyone who has ever lived with a beagle and they will tell you, these hound dogs love to eat! But for most beagles, this means looking for crumbs on the kitchen floor and begging for food while their humans are eating.

Lucy the beagle takes this to a whole new level! Lucy has tricked her family into feeding her 2-3 times a day (or she just helps herself to her bag of food). She has a taste for human food too. Her family reports that she can find any food, anywhere. In your pockets, in the sink, even on the counter – no food is safe with Lucy around!

In fact, her family noticed food began disappearing from the counter and they knew it had to be Lucy, but they weren’t sure how she was doing it so they set up a camera.

What they saw will blow your mind!

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Watch the video below to see Lucy and her love towards food!

Feature Image Source: Animal Planet

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