This Dog Didn’t Want To Leave The One Place He Felt Safe In – The Trash Can

This Dog Didn’t Want To Leave The One Place He Felt Safe In – The Trash Can

The previous month, Lexington-Fayette Animal Control from Kentucky, got a phone call about a pup in trouble. They were informed that the dog in question was living sheltered in a trash can.

The officers from Animal Control reported that when they arrived at the scene, the pup came out to give them a friendly greeting, but soon enough rushed to get back in his newfound “home” where he felt safest. They gave him a name–Oscar.

Once they removed him from the trash, he seemed to show a weird connection to it. Even after being rescued and safe in the office, he still used every chance he got to climb into any trash can. Realizing how much Oscar was fond of trash, his rescuers organized a meeting for him with workers in sanitation from the local community.

He had so much fun, the rescuers said. Their main goal now is to find a loving home in a family that will be happy to take care of Oscar. It is still unclear what has happened to poor Oscar, if he was simply seeking refuge from bad weather, or if his previous parents left him like real trash.

The good thing is, that part of his life is a thing of the past. The people from the Lexington Humane Society said that they are certain soon enough, someone will give Oscar a home. Please contact the Lexington Humane Society for more information about Oscar.

Image Source: Lexington-Fayette Animal Control

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